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How to Create Concise Facebook Content To Give Your Followers a Coherent Picture

Facebook can be an integral and vital part of an internet marketing strategy for small Minnesota businesses, but deciding what to post on a daily basis can also be frustrating. There are so many options, and so many examples of good ways and bad ways of doing them all. Help is at hand, however, because instead of always focusing on the what, why, and how of Facebook, you can improve your effectiveness by keeping a few principles and guideposts in mind: Mission. You should be able to describe your strategy in clear, simple terms that your target customers will appreciate. ...

Instinct and Experience Help You Pick the Right Partner to Enhance Your SEO Approach

If you know anything at all about online marketing, you've probably heard about SEO.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a creature born of necessity, due to the enormous number of web pages that are indexed by Google, Bing, and many other search sites, and also due to the incredible opportunity that online promotion gives to small organizations. One of SEO’s biggest goals is improving the numerical rankings of searches that either use your name, or reference some aspect of your business. That makes partnering with a SEO firm one of the most important early decisions an organization can make. Not ...

Every Social Media Provider Values Different Types of Words

The exact methods and algorithms which social media providers like Facebook and Twitter use to callculate relevance and make decisions about how to display content are as mysterious as any decision people make in their lives, but analysis reveals the most popular attractions, and lets Internet marketing for Minnesota small businesses be focused on the opportunities to maximize the value of their social media presence. This is good news, because for quite some while Google was so poorly understood that SEO strategies barely lasted a week before being fundamentally changed. Now the providers publish detailed documentation on how content creators ...

Mastering Mobile Content Requires Careful Effort

In the mall, in a car during rush hour, on buses, at concerts, and even during movie trailers—nearly everyone is glued to their cellphones and tablets like iPads almost constantly. They are far more mobile than their desktop and laptop peers, but smartphones and many tablets are cramped. The mobile user experience is very different than the experience with two giant monitors connected to a desktop. Any internet marketing campaign for small Minnesota businesses is weakened if business leaders don't face the challenges with mobile content. Here are some of the opportunities embedded with the challenges: Information density. Using a ...

Drawing on Familiarity is a Key Step to Creating Powerful Content

Are you responsible for writing online content for your business? Is what your posting explosively powerful, is it fizzling out, or worse - not even catching fire at all?  What would it take for you to generate copy that hits the mark and gets attention? Sometimes it can be hard to create text to appear on websites or in other online venues such as social media, since so many priorities have to be balanced and the consequences can be large. When writers’ block hits, website and Facebook content bring unique challenges, and because of the importance of even small decisions ...

Keeping Your Social Media Posts Appealing

Are your social media followers happy with your content? As a MN small business owner, it's a question you should periodically ask yourself,  because if the answer is no, chances are your posts are getting ignored, and you could be losing fans.  If content isn't appealing, it won't get more than a glance, and it certainly won't get shared.  But posts that appeal to a visitor on some level not only get their attention, they may get passed along, or at least get a 'Like.' Social media marketing can be a difficult enterprise. Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by those ...

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