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Reputation Marketing & Management in Minneapolis

Online Reputation Marketing AND Management – You Need Both

Managing and Marketing Your Online Reputation Are Needed to Gain More Customers
Online promotional efforts succeed in part because businesses are monitoring and promoting their internet reputations.   Since information about businesses is so readily available online, you can’t afford to ignore what’s being said about yours.

  • If people are talking about your business online, do you know what they’re saying?
  • Are the comments good or bad?  Or worse, is nothing being said about you?
  • Would a bad online reputation keep you from hiring a company?
  • What if that company had no reputation?
  • Would a company with five-star reviews get your business?

You’re Not Invisible Online – Your Reputation Is in Full View

In addition to social media conversations, one of the biggest components of an online reputation is user reviews.  And those reviews get posted on an increasing number of platforms.  Some of the major spots are:

  • Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing display review snippets or stars along with organic search results
  • Reviews and stars can be seen on places like Google+ and Google Maps as well as MapQuest and other direction platforms
  • Your reputation affects the ranking of your website
  • Reviews and/or star ratings appear on local and industry directories like Dexknows, Buildzoom, and Yelp

Don’t make the mistake of focusing on just one of these areas – an organic search result will display a variety of these platforms

Managing and Marketing Your Internet Reputation Should Be Your #1 Priority as a Small Business

What others say about you matters more to potential customers than what you’re saying.  Are you taking advantage of those online reviews and comments?  If not, you could be missing out on a major boost for your online marketing efforts.

Bad Reviews = Wasted Marketing Efforts

A well-designed and executed marketing plan will accomplish nothing if you’re ignoring your online reputation – especially reviews posted about your business.  Bad reviews can translate into lost business because they’re costing you potential customers.

Online Shoppers Trust Reviews Almost as Much as Friends & Family

What you say about your company and what makes the news influences shoppers far less than online reviews and recommendations from those they know, according to the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey Q3 2013:

  • More than 90% of those who shop online say recommendations from friends and family are trustworthy
  • In that same group of shoppers, 70% say they trust online reviews
  • Less than 60% indicate they find company website and media information trustworthy

Online Reviews Affect Purchasing

Are you still wondering how much of an impact those online reviews (or lack of them) may have on your sales?  Here are just a few significant numbers from industry sites:

  • Online reviews are sought out by 85% of those looking for local businesses (
  • Shopper-generated postings like reviews and comments can result in a conversion rate of more than 130+ among those who shop online via mobile devices (
  • 90% of shoppers indicate their purchasing choices are impacted by online reviews, with 86% saying negative reviews highly influence them.
  • Just a few reviews can make a difference – two-thirds of those who shop online say they read less than 7 reviews before making a decision

Marketing Your Online Reputation Has Four Important Aspects

Each of these components is important, and they all need to work together.  And since things like trends and market conditions are constantly changing, and new reviews are continually being posted, these elements have to be periodically readjusted to respond accordingly.

  • Getting your customers to review your business online starts building your reputation
  • Pay attention to what people are saying about you online in a variety of spots – review sites, social media, and directories.  And then respond where appropriate.  Stay engaged with your social media users. 
  • Promote your company by strategically promoting your reputation.
  • Become a respected source of information relative to your industry. Enhance your brand’s image by building a community or culture centered around your business – educate, inform, and inspire.

How Our Minneapolis MN Internet Marketing Company Can Help Your Small Business by Enhancing and Promoting Your Online Reputation

Search engines can identify the source of reviews, and they give penalties to companies who attempt to post their own.  And as a business owner, you’re focused on running your business and don’t have the time or resources to monitor and manage your online reputation.  So what can you do?  Work with an internet reputation management company who is in tune to the needs of small businesses.  We’ve got the experience and the expertise to handle this critical component of your marketing efforts.  We offer a wide variety of internet marketing and reputation management services, including:

  • Support for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others
  • We monitor review sites and directories
  • Response review and regular reporting, as well as alerts
  • Marketing your reputation via promoting your reviews

If customer care is a priority in your business, you’ll feel right at home with us – first-class customer service is what you can expect from our MN internet marketing company.

Let Us Design a Custom-Tailored Online Reputation Program for Your Business

Templates and generic reputation marketing plans don’t work for everyone.  We offer custom-designed reputation management and marketing plans based on the needs of each individual company we work with.  No two businesses have the same needs, and what works for one company isn’t the best fit for another.  We endeavor to design reputation marketing and management plans that are custom-tailored for each of our clients.
Find out what’s being said about you online, and then find out what you can do about promoting and enhancing your internet reputation – contact us today to discuss what we can do for you and your small business.

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